Friday, 17 October 2008

Thoughts about drama in the community

What excites me about drama in the community is the thought of being able to go out into different communities and find out about people's lives. I am very interested in how people's lives differ from my own, and how attitiudes can be changed by using drama.

My thoughts that at the beginning of this course about what community is, was quite narrow minded. I thought that a community had to be a group of people who had the same beliefs or religion, or race. But i have learnt that these are only a few of the thousands of ideals that make communities around the world. Communities can actually range from small scale to grand scale sizes, and that everyone belongs to at least one community. I found that i belong to many different communities, University being one, Women being another, Cheerleading being another, and many, many more.

When playing the warm up games i did not realise the relevance that they might have to a community. We explored teamwork and friendship building within the group. We had to get to know each other very quickly, in order to help each other with the exercises. As well as these being quite fun and involving, we discussed how they might be useful to establish characters within each community. They are simple but effective starting points for a workshop with a community, because thay are a way of getting everyone involved and ready to develop the work.

In conclusion, i am very excited about this module and about finding out about different communities. :-)

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