Monday, 30 March 2009

Girl in need

I really thought i was getting somewhere with my project. I went into my old school last week and advertised to years 9, 10 and 11 about a easter drama project that i would be running. I gave them a week to give their reply slips to reception so that i could return to collect them, and to finalise the dates of the project. When i rang them this morning, to my utter dismay they said that i had no replies.

So now i am stuck. I really have tried to get this up and running. Firstly i asked about going into classes and doing my project there, but due to GCSE's and A levels, i would not be allowed to take the children out for more than their 2 lessons over a fortnight; giving me only 5 hours contact time with them. THIS SUCKS!!!!

I dont understand why it is so difficult. I was so frustrated when Charlene said that she would no longer be working with me, but i managed to sort things out and it looked like i was getting back on track. But i am back to this frustrating stage of not knowing what to do next. Help.

If anyone has any advice that they could give me in my hour of need, i would be very grateful!!!
Yours truly,
Girl in need.