Thursday, 30 October 2008

Say NO to sensorship

Im starting to re-think my ideas about how and what i want to use community theatre for. I had a lot of worries and stresses about what i could do for this module, and up until a few days ago i was really scared about doing anything.

After seeing The Help, and discussing forum theatre with the class, i thought that it would be so difficult to do anything without offending someone. I was so worried that anything i might like to do: i would not know enough about, and would constatly be worrying that i would upset somebody.
In the discussion after the show, a few people asked similar questions about how to go about making forum theatre without offending people. The cast did not understand why we were so concerned with how not to upset any audience members. They answered us by asking whether anyone in the audience had been offended or upset by their performance. When everyone relplied no, we realised that we had just answered our own questions.

I think we have been brought up in a society that is so sensored, and covered, that we are so afraid of doing anything which might upset another person. We are so afraid that there are certain things that we cannot even menion in the news. But with theatre, if you are not offended by something, and you about it in the right way, theatre can allow you to show these subjects without causing offence.

Therefore, i have decided to not get myself wound up in thinking about how not to offend people. But instead to think carefully about how to show things to people which interest me. By doing my research and not being ignorant to the subject area, it is possible for me to successfully produce a piece of theatre which is not sensored in any way.
There are things in the world which people need to know about and if theatre is the only way that these things can be shown, then so be it, we should not have to constantly worry about who we might upset!

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Mark Griffin said...

Hi Cara

I think this attitude is spot on. If we become afraid to question each other we will never understand different cultural or generational behaviour. A functioning civilisation needs to be able to critique itself and providing we are not lazy in trying to understand then I think we must tackle the difficult subjects, issues and positions.Not everybody will agree with you, but if you're open and honest enough to listen before making judgements or statements then we all grow in wisdom.