Monday, 8 December 2008

Reminiscence cont'd

Are we so different from our elders?

Our guests arrived early, as expected, and helped themselves to tea and biscuits. (Something i think that should be introduced into all lectures, i might add.)

We settled down a while after the initial excitement about the visitors had worn off, and began our task of extracting some of their memories for performance.

What was more interesting of the stories, were the very personal ones, which nobody else would know about. There is something amazing about being about to tell a story that you know would only have been the story of that one person. After we heard their stories, they left for us to put together a 2 minute performance which we could show them upon their return. We had so much material to work from, that it was quite difficult to choose our favourite story, and some of the stories would have been quite difficult to perform without the use of lighting and sound.

Despite this, we did our best, and without boring you with details, succeeded in our task to reproduce a story. Our performeances were all well reiceved: therefore backing up my point from a few entries ago, which noticed that i do not need to be worring about offending people.

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